It was almost like being nomad is synonymous with me. As I traveled the world, embraced lands far and away, I witnessed wonders that eyes only dream of. But no matter how adventurous my expeditions were, nothing came close the joy of sending postcards back home. Because nothing ever came close to being called 'home'. And as I wrote each postcard, a song played in the background, faintly.
1.Britain { Music pairing  I am an Englishman in New York - Sting }
2.Paris { Music pairing  We were staying in Paris - Chainsmokers }

3.Greece { Music pairing  And you will go to Mykonos - Fleet Foxes }

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4.Netherlands { Music pairing  Amsterdam - Coldplay }

5.Africa { Music pairing  I bless the rains of Africa - Toto }

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6.India { Music pairing  That I meet in the summer, Indian summer - The Doors }
Photography credit: Twisha Sharma

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