The Coldplay First-Aid Playlist - 12 Songs To Fix Every Mood

A famous quote by John A Logan goes as, "Music is the medicine of the mind." And our beloved Band Coldplay has proved that just right. Check out our Coldplay Medicinal Playlist below, a playlist that has the song for every feeling.    


1. Feeling Sad - Fix You 

2. Feeling Confused - Talk 

3. Feeling Unloved - A Message 

4. Feeling in love - Yellow 


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5. Feeling hurt - Hurts Like Heaven 

6. Feeling sorry - The Scientist 

7. Feeling angry - Politik 

8. Feeling dreamy - Paradise 

9. Feeling powerless - Us against the world 

10. Feeling down - Charlie Brown 

11. Feeling rushed - Clocks 

12. Feeling struggle - Atlas 

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