10 Ed Sheeran Songs You Should Be Listening To Right Now

1. 'Shape of You' - Ed Sheeran's latest song, and a chartbuster for one. 'Shape of you' is one most loved songs by Sheeran's fans. 

2. 'The A Team' - Sheeran wrote this song after visiting a temporary homeless shelter where he met a woman resident named 'Angel'. In Sheeran's words, it was his first experience of the London's underbelly and the song a tribute to Angel.   

3. 'You Need me, I don't need you' -  The song is about not losing yourself during the rise to fame and not buying into the media's perception of somebody. It reflects Sheeran's lifestyle and his belief proving him to be the humble and honest kid he claims to be. 

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4. 'Castle on the Hill' - The lyrics of this have a nostalgic tone about "running from the law through the backfields" and "driving at 90 down those country lanes" bear that declaration out.

5. 'Thinking Out Loud' - The song won the Grammy for song of the year 2016. Sheeran fused the lyrics of this song with the old-school balladry and new-school movie in a way that the song resonated across generations.   

6. 'Supermarket Flowers' - Ed wrote this song as a tribute to his grandmother who passed away while he was making the record. The song portrays the mundanity of life in the face of death, while its chorus reflects on the presence of angels on earth.

7. 'Drunk' - Drunk is one of the songs that showcases Sheeran's habit of confronting pain in the form of minute details from his life. And his ability to create beautiful and relatable numbers for everyone from his experiences.

8. 'Bloodstream' - The song traces the Sheeran's first time of taking ecstasy, while he was at a pal's wedding in Ibiza. The lyrics in the song reflect the heightened emotion brought on by the drug, also they portrayed the guilt he felt over a recent heartbreak. 

9. "U.N.I" - UNI is one of the earlier songs from Ed Sheeran's career. The song was about a relationship that ended when Sheeran decided not to attend UNI to pursue his dream whereas his girlfriend attended.  

10. 'Don't ' -   The song depicted the rise and fall of a relationship in under four minutes. This is one of the most well-known songs of Ed Sheeran and also one of the best lyrically. 


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