9 Hot Things In Music You Could Have Missed Today | The Daily playlist 8.7.2017


1. The Secretive Art of Composing Trailer Music That Stands Out.

2. Roger Waters and the politics of music at Toyota Center. 

3. Iconic Prince Music Videos Now Available on YouTube: Watch. 

4. Video of Nirvana Recording A Music Video In an Empty Radio Shack in 1988. 

5. Lebanon kicks off renowned Baalbek music festival

6.15th Annual ZiegenBock Music Festival at Sam Houston Race Park. 

7. Super Mario Bros.3  Music Sheet.

8. Listening to music in your car can distract you, slow your reaction times and stress you out

9. JAY-Z's '4:44' Is Now on iTunes and Apple Music for You Non-Tidal Types. 


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Video of the day:


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