12 Big Stories In Music You Could Have Missed Today | The daily playlist 21.7.2017

1. Linkin Park Releases New Music Video on the Morning of Chester Bennington's Death. 

2. Princess Diana's music collection to feature in summer exhibition. 

3. Chris Cornell Music Therapy Program in Seattle Announced. 

4. 4 Million Americans Could Get Free Food From Chipotle by Making Music. Are You One of Them?

5. Metropolis New Music Festival 2017. 

6. The photographer who helped define music's greatest icons. 

7. Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington: How music forged friendship of two troubled rock stars. 

8. Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, and the Music of Success. 

9. Pitchfork and Inception Launch Virtual Reality Music Channel. 

10. Tidal's redesigned apps now look more like Spotify and Apple Music. 

11. The 75 Moments That Defined the Decade in Music (So Far)

12. FYF Fest Will Be the First US Music Festival to Stream Live on Twitter. 


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