11 Famous Musicians Sporting T-shirts From Other Music Bands, Our Favorite Is Number 6.

Micheal Jackson once said, "I love great music, it has no color, it has no boundaries." Dau Voire said, "the greatest bonds are built on the commonality of love for music." And truth they both have said, music has no boundaries, no limits, it's an artform that transcends linguistical barriers. Time and again the famous musicians themselves have been a great example of these facts. 

What would you say it to be when famous musicians wear T-shirts bearing names of the band other than theirs. If it's not them showcasing their love for music, then what else is it? 

1. John Mayor sporting a T-shirt of Grateful Dead.  


2. Justin Beiber in an oversized Nirvana t-shirt.



3. Rihanna totally rocked in a Rolling Stones T-shirt. 

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 4. Miley Cyrus shows up in an Iron Maiden t-shirt. 


5. And here is yet another appearance by the young Canadian pop star in a 2 Pac T-shirt during his Purpose World Tour. 


6. How about this one David Bowie in a Nirvana T-shirt?



7. What do you say to Slash wearing Band KISS T-shirt? 


8. This one is a classic, Lennon shows off his Arctic Monkeys T-Shirt. 


9. RHCP Flea in his best Metallica shirt.



10. Jim Morrison poses in a T-shirt of The Strokes.


11. Freddy Mercury sported in Lady Gaga.  

Written By - Swati Mittal 


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