10 Amazing Facts About The Iconic 'Joshua Tree' Album that Every U2 Fan Must Know. Our favorite is Number 4.

1. "One Tree Hill" was inspired by the death of the band's roadie and friend.

2.  With Or Without You was recorded using a prototype guitar 

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3. The early sessions were recorded in a Georgian mansion – which Adam Clayton later bought.


4. "Sweetest Thing" was recorded during the Joshua Tree sessions as an apology to Bono's wife, but didn't make the final cut.

5. It was inspired by a trip to Ethiopia

6. Front-row tickets for the original Joshua Tree tour cost just $15.50 

7. The actual Joshua Tree on the sleeve died in 2000 – and a couple died trying to find it.

8. The Library of Congress has preserved the record it was added to the National Recording Registry’s collection. 


9. Recording "Where the Streets Have No Name" was such a hassle that Brian Eno nearly wiped the tapes in frustration.

10. U2 occasionally opened for themselves under the guise of a fake country group. 



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